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For home owners:
BNH will completely inspect your home for any contamination, both visually and manually, including XRF, dust wipe and water pipe testing. XRF testing is like an X-ray, showing the examiner whether lead is present underneath the top layer of paint. This entire inspection process is very tedious and thorough, including your walls, floors, windows, trim, siding and more. We’ll also check the soil around your foundation so that you have peace of mind when working or playing around the yard.
Once the inspection is complete, we’ll have an exhaustive report of each location and the analysis. You’ll know exactly what your home contains, both inside and out.  If lead has been detected in any area of your home, we will consult with you on your options for either controlling the problem or removing it completely. We’ll also give you options for immediate steps to be taken and long-term solutions.
For property managers:
Dealing with strict government regulations can be frustrating and tedious. BNH has everything you need to meet all requirements and avoid violations. Our professional service includes XRF, dust wipe and water pipe inspection. We work with all regulatory agencies to ensure total compliance so you can continue to operate your property without any concerns. Our full service meets all HUD regulations, with a minimum of 6 dust wipes of all surfaces. We’ll also complete 2 composite samples of soil around the foundation and play areas.
Once complete, we’ll provide you with the property history, as well as a full report on any contamination. We’ll then give you a complete analysis and consult you on any action that’s needed, including both immediate and long-term solutions. Schedule your regular testing with us to make sure you’re covered at all times. We’ll complete testing after every tenant leaves and have it complete quickly so you can have a new renter in a timely manner. We handle all situations, including exemptions, abatement and resolution of any HPD or DOH violations.
For schools and daycares:
Making sure your facility is healthy for children is of high priority and BNH will help provide peace of mind for both you and the parents. We’ll also get your building in compliance with regulatory agencies. Our service for both schools and daycares includes XRF, dust wipe and water pipe tests, plus a thorough visual inspection of all areas in the structure.
Lead violations for schools and daycares occur more often than you may think. Some of them are due to a direct report from a concerned parent; others are due to lack of a proactive approach and failure to comply with government regulations. It’s important to have your building inspected regularly and make sure you are following the strict guidelines. BNH will make sure your facility is lead free and help you avoid costly problems with regulatory agencies. Schedule your appointment and rest assured that all of your affairs are in order.
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