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Lead Inspection
The dangers of lead in the home, office, school or daycare can be very costly to your health. They include damage to the nervous system and kidneys, learning disabilities, ADD, behavior problems and damage to your muscles, bones and ears. You may be planning on purchasing an older structure, selling the one you have or you may just have concerns about the one you’ve been in for years. No matter what your reason, having a thorough lead paint inspection is crucial. Lead poisoning can occur through breathing in dust or contact with a surface containing lead and then touching your mouth. Children are most at risk because they tend to get into places adults normally wouldn’t. They may also eat paint chips they find on the floor.
BNH will look at every surface, including your walls, doors, floors windows, trim, siding and more. What they’re looking for is any chipping paint or lead dust that may have accumulated over time. They’ll perform a visual check, dust wipe and water pipe test. If you have an older facility, they’ll also use a high-tech device called an XRF. This device is like an X-ray, and can see under the top layer of paint. It’s able to detect any presence of lead-based paint no matter how long ago it was applied. HUD regulations require minimum of 6 dust wipe samples for various areas. It’s also mandatory for a minimum of two composite soil samples to be taken.
After our professionals are finished with the inspection, everything will be analyzed and you’ll receive a complete report, including the visual inspection, dust, paint chips and XRF. They’ll then provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have. If lead is found, they’ll consult you on your options for both immediate and long-term plans to either contain the problem or remove it completely, depending on your needs and wishes.
Lead paint removal
So lead was found present after the inspection. We understand that this can be a troubling situation for anyone. Lead paint removal is a tedious and lengthy process that should only be handled by a highly skilled professional with experience in getting the job done thoroughly while meeting all government regulations.
Rest assured the BNH team will handle your situation the right way and keep you informed during the entire process. There are several ways to handle the removal of lead paint. The immediate concern is interim control. This means that steps will be performed to control the situation for less than 20 years. If the situation requires a longer-term approach, then abatement is necessary. This means the lead will be encapsulated, enclosed, replaced or removed.
Encapsulation will cover the lead paint with another coat of lead-free paint. This solution may be used for either less or more than 20 years depending on your situation. It may also require the old paint to be scraped or sanded before the new coat is applied.
Enclosure is a cover that will be applied to the surface instead of a new coat of paint. Many types of materials may be used for this solution. They include sheetrock, paneling and siding. No matter what material is used, it will permanently seal the hazardous area to prevent any lead from escaping into the area.
In severe cases, replacement and removal is necessary. Certain situations cannot be controlled in any way. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive process. This procedure is exactly what you would expect- the contaminated surface will be permanently removed and a new surface will be applied. Usually items that would be replaced contain materials such as wood windows and doors, stairs, drawers and cabinets. Deteriorated lead paint, carpet and soil are always high risk and require complete removal. The BNH team will properly remove the contamination following all regulations and prevent the lead traveling to other areas. They’ll also make sure that the waste is properly disposed of. Actually, this process is the best because it completely removes the problem and you’ll be assured that the hazard is taken care of permanently.
XRF Lead Paint Testing
What exactly is XRF? Well, it’s like an X-ray, able to see through layers of paint and detect whether lead is present. This high-tech portable device generally won’t do any damage to the area, but sometimes it’s necessary to analyze the base material, such as wood, plaster or metal. These are tested and used to compare a “clean” surface to possible contaminated ones. It allows the BNH expert to determine the amount of lead contained in the other layers. Slight damage may also occur in areas where a lot of deterioration exists, or in areas that aren’t completely flat.
This technology is a very accurate and quick process. In fact, it’s so accurate that it can determine if there is as little as 1 milligram of lead per centimeter! The final report will show whether lead-based paint is present or not. However, there are situations where the analysis is inconclusive, and therefore a paint chip must be taken to the lab.
Dust Wipe Clearing Sampling
Once the lead hazard cleanup or replacement is complete, the BNH experts will perform a clearance test, which includes a visual inspection of areas where interim or abatement controls were performed. They’ll also collect dust wipe samples from every surface, including floors, walls, doors, floors, windows, trim, siding and more. They’ll also collect samples from all play areas in homes, schools and daycares. This will ensure peace of mind for those involved in the care of children.
Our professionals will take a minimum of 6 samples to meet HUD regulations. These samples will be analyzed to make sure that no lead contamination exists.
HPD & DOH Violations Removed
You have received a lead paint violation from either HPD or DOH, now what? Violations can occur if you haven’t had regular inspections of your property according to law. They may also happen when a concerned worker or parent suspected a hazard in your building. BNH understands your concern about the issue, but we’ve been there, done that and can handle your situation quickly, getting you back in compliance.
Our team of experts will perform an XRF test to determine if or where lead contamination exists. The XRF is like an X-ray and can see through layers of paint, analyzing them for any presence of lead. We perform the test to meet all protocols so you’ll be ensured all government regulations are met.
Once the analysis is complete, we will provide you with a thorough report showing you exactly what was found. If lead is detected, we will give you options and help you determine which solution best fits your needs. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Best of all, you will never have to worry about the problem again.
Removing the violation involves the following proof:
1) The paint contains lead levels within government standards.
2) That your building was built on or after Jan. 1, 1960 and therefore does not contain any lead materials.
Rest assured that BNH will help you throughout the process and get you back in compliance in a timely manner.
Emergency Service Available
At BNH, we understand that there are certain situations where you don’t have time to wait for an appointment. You may have received an HPD or DOH violation that needs to be taken care of immediately, or you may have children under your care and fear they’re being subjected to a dangerous environment.
Not to worry, we’re here for you when you need us. We’re open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Give us a call and we’ll help you in any way we can. We offer timely consultation for your situation, and will provide you with the quickest possible solution for any immediate danger. Once your problem is under control, we’ll advise you on the next steps that need to be taken for a long-term healthy environment.
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