BNH Lead Examiner Corp. is a lead company that provides lead inspections, lead testing and lead clearance, and addresses and corrects lead violations. We have been servicing all five boroughs in New York City for many years, providing consultations on all lead hazards and lead projects. BNH Lead Examiner Corp. has serviced many clients in the past with stellar customer service and professional workmanship.
We understand that the lead law has hit most property managers pretty hard. Aside from the lead law being a major nuisance, it can be complicated to understand and above all, it's a costly expense.
We offer various services in the lead field and are available at all times to answer any questions in regards to the lead laws. Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with the HPD and Department of Health and we would like to put our knowledge to use in making your dealings with all lead issues simpler and easier.
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